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Plan is for the second arc to begin this week. I’ll be moving back to my old format, two posts a week instead of one larger one. Starting to get settled into my new job and get a routine going, so that’s nice. With that hopefully resolved, I’ll go and finish up some sections of the website that need the work. Specifically the chapters section. Also, as I edit and work on the other arcs I’ve started trying to compile a series of notes about the story and all its details, which I might try and turn into a mini-wiki later on, for referencing as needed.

As for the next arc, it’s a monster mystery set in a new locale. Athia has traveled away from Clarient, for obvious reasons, and heading back towards “home” for her. Or at least as close as she has to a concrete home. The tone is darker and more uncomfortable as I went for some horror and suspense vibes this time around! One thing I like about the story thus far (that being the parts I’ve written, not just what you’ve seen) is that it allows me to transition tones between each arc. The first three are all pretty different. First arc was a more adventurous, almost super-hero type story. Second is a darker horror-suspense. Third arc deals more with politics and ideology, and the after effects of the events in Clarient. Then the fourth arc is more of an old school fantasy that takes time to give you a glimpse of the past!

In the future I plan on making arcs in far flung areas with different cast members. These will help give you glimpses of the rest of the world and what else is going on. The setting is in a sort of flux in universe. They’ve just gotten through the greatest calamity of the human era, centering on Loiys. In essence, they’ve just lived through their own “age of myth” the time people will tell in legends for thousands of years. And that’s the angle I’m wanting to take with the story. Create a setting that has just had it’s “moment” and then explore the fallout that never gets told. I think it’s a fun prompt and I hope it makes the setting even more interesting as the story develops.

Anyway, this was brief. Expect more story this week!