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Thought I would take a minute to fill you in on what’s going on right now! Right after I kickstarted the blog I wound up accepting a new job. Due to that, I’ve wound up with a larger workload and have been trying to adjust to a new schedule, in fact I’m on call right now! As you can imagine, swapping jobs and completely changing fields of work requires a fair bit of time and focus. That’s why things have been steady but slow and why the last two weeks have been so quiet. I’ve got the next batch of content ready, outside of some basic edits I try to do before each post, I just haven’t started putting it live just yet. It’s on the agenda, and I’m thinking either next week or the week after Christmas is when it’ll get back into full swing.

I think I’ll go back to my old posting strategy as well; an update on Mondays and a chapter released on Wednesday and Friday. The once a week schedule has been nice for my workload but doesn’t seem as satisfying for the reader. It should be a little more engaging for you. My original goal was to do one large chapter post each week and then drop short stories and other short content at least one other day a week. That was a good idea at the time, but the new work situation has made it unfeasible. Now, when I get into the swing of said new job that could change, but for now I want to keep it simple but regular.

Now, on the story itself; the next arc is going to be a large change of pace. It’s still about Athia, but we’re moving to a new part of fractured Loiys and dealing with a very different sort of problem. This arc will be darker, with shades of horror and mystery. We’ll be exploring the lands ruled by the Tricorn, a mercenary company that turned themselves into one of the regions foremost kingdoms. Where so much of Loiys fell under rule of the nobles that governed under the king, the Tricorn leveraged their might and prestige to forge their own nation. They’re forward thinking and orderly, but often rigid in their understanding of how to lead. And they would like Athia to join their new ruling class. Next arc, get a glimpse at Loiys’s “city of the future” and at the dark things that lurk just over our shoulders.